DAO Maker makes use of one of the most known brands in the world to accomplish KYC/AML verification to the users of the DAO Pad platform. This helps DAO Maker on remaining compliant with international regulation while offering a simple and effective user experience during the on-boarding process.

A full list of supported countries by our KYC/AML system is available at the this link.

In order to verify your identity, please follow these steps:

Click the Start Now link in the homepage

A popup window will appear, click the button Begin verifying to start the verification process. Select your country and click Select

Select the document to be used for the verification (Passport is highly recommended)

Upload your document or take a live picture using your camera

If you choose to take a live picture of your camera, allow the browser to access your camera. You can always use a different device if you prefer.

Follow the instructions on the screen to go to the next step and take a live selfie

Make sure you have your camera enabled and that the light in the room is good enough to allow the system to take clear pictures. You can always use a different device if you prefer.

Upload your proof of address

Proof of address must match the information in the document your have provided in the previous steps. Proof of address can be a bank statement, utility bill, etc. Please make sure the validity of the document is not older than 6 months and that the issue date is clearly visible in the document. Also make sure information such as Name, Last name and address are in the document and they are clearly visible.

Congratulations, you have completed the verification process

If you have issues on verifying your document, we suggest you to try with a different document and to make sure the image is clearly readable. You can contact us on support.daomaker.com for inquiries.