Users of the DAO Pad are required to stake their DAO and stay within their winning tier for the entirety of their prize tokens' vesting period. In case of early selling which leads to a decrease of the user's tranche, there will be a 72 hour window to increase their DAO Power above the required amount, to preserve their status as a Strong Holder. After this window expires, the forfeited token vestings will be redistributed to the remaining Strong Holders.


Users win an SHO and unstakes from the contracts and does not restake his DAO tokens within 72 hours and looses all future vested tokens. Even if they increase their stake again, they won’t be eligible again for the upcoming unlocks of the SHOs that they previously have won.

Those whose DAO Power stems from LP tokens will not be excluded if their DAO power decreases because of the LP ratio. However, their DAO Power will be calculated once if they move either their DAO or LP token. If recalculated DAO Power is less than the requirement, the 72 hours countdown will start.

Those who participate and win different SHOs in different tier, and lower their DAO Power will only be eliminated from the SHOs accordingly. Meaning; if someone lowers current 25K DAO Power to 24K, he/she will be eliminated only from the SHOs which he/she participated in the 25K tranche.