To be entitled to future locked tokens the following requirements apply:

Once you have your DAO's staked, they must remain staked. If you unstake your DAO's, you have 72hrs to re-stake the minimum amount of DAO's of the tier (e.g. Tier 3 - 10,000 DAO) that you won your SHO's with.  

Users who have never staked in Venture Yield contracts will still be eligible for future locked tokens. If they move their DAO Tokens, they will have 72 hours to restore the required amount of DAO in order to keep their Strong Holder position.

Those whose DAO Power stems from LP tokens will not be excluded if their DAO power decreases because of the LP ratio. However, their DAO Power will be calculated once if they move either their DAO or LP token. If recalculated DAO Power is less than the requirement, the 72 hours countdown will start.

The conditions also apply to Early Adopters.