To join DAO Maker Sales users are required to stake a minimum of 2000 DAO tokens in the Venture Yield Staking Contracts. In order to receive all vested tokens users are required to retain their Stake for the whole duration of the vesting period. Users have 72 hours to retake their tokens in case they want to change or prolong their staking duration without losing their vested allocations. More about this in Strong Holder Requirements section below.

Depending on the amount of DAO staked - users fall into one of 5 Tier. Higher Tier means higher winning chance and more allocations.

Tier requirements:

Tier 1 - 2,000 DAO

Tier 2 - 4,000 DAO

Tier 3 - 10,000 DAO

Tier 4 - 25,000 DAO

Tier 5 - 50,000 DAO